Brandon Hixson

Brandon Hixson

Worship Pastor, Songwriter, Saxophonist

Picture of You - Brandon Hixson
Brandon Hixson Here Is My Heart Album COver

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Picture of You - Back - Brandon Hixson
Brandon Hixson Here Is My Heart Artwork
Brandon Hixson 2017

"Brandon Hixson's vocal prowess and songwriting is the highest encomium any artist can offer to the divine, but it doesn't hurt that his radio singles, “Only By His Grace” and "Take The First Step" are ingenious and sincere on top of that. Congratulations to Brandon Hixson for being named the winner for both of the January and September 2016 Akedemia Award for Best Contemporary Christian Song.” 
 - - Akedemia 

“The songs from Brandon Hixson’s new album, Picture of You, have inspired me to take a new reflective look at my own personal life. The songs are inspiring and heartfelt. The singer brandishes subjects like suicide and apathy while keeping the message of redemption and grace
in every track.”
--Music Makers